My Voice Acting / Voice Over Projects

Check out the links below to listen to my voice in various projects and productions:

I Narrate this video clip on Alan Sweeton's battle with Cancer and his determination to continue participating in the sport he loves.

An original song I wrote and sing:

I voice the lead role of Luca.

The Meek chapter 2 animatic from Yi Weng on Vimeo.

I voice the roles of David and the Alien.

Love Hurts. A Movie Storm production by Lucinda McNary.

I co-host a monthly Disc Golf Show.

I have co-hosted numerous episodes of Disc Golf Monthly. Here is a video clip of a portion of episode 56.

I am the voice of Brian Butler.

A Civil War film by Ted Manning called "Last Letter Home".

Children of the Gods Podcast. I voice the role of Commander Damian Treskot.

Thinker Thinker Little Star produces Children's Stories. I am the Narrator of two of their stories:

Beware of Chat Buddies:
The Penguin that Dreamed:
My voice in the Make Kansas Home Commercial:
Click on View Movie.

TopDoctorMarkTenProductions. I voice in the role of Barc:
Barking Mad Pilot Episode

Barking Mad II Encounter at Halo 7

I voice in the role of Hanzo in Butajin

My voice in the role of Malcom Fuela in FutureShock:

Future Shock Episode 1.

Future Shock Episode 2.

Future Shock Episode 3.

Future Shock Episode 4.

You can hear my voice in the video commercial at